Thursday, March 13, 2008

See Kai Run: Entertaining Footwear Fashion

Today, we received a great pair of shoes by See Kai Run. And I don't say "great" lightly. I have a picky, two year old that has developed her own ideas on what fashionable means. She is also a very tall girl with size 8 1/2 feet. I have bought several pairs of shoes which have sat in the shoe basket, unworn and in practically pristine condition due to the battle it takes to get them on her feet.

I thought I would let her open the box and see how things went from there. A cute celery green box with a red wagon lid appeared. When Z muttered an immediate "Mine!", I knew things were going well. When she saw the buttery soft, poppy orange leather sandals, she kicked off her fuzzy slippers and held out a foot for me to put the shoe on.

Absolutely, adorable right down to the fabulous fun, loving crossword etched-soles. She's got traction - perfect for dancing around the room, the soft soles aren't heavy and she's got plenty of wiggle room -- no swished up toes and three hours later she's still got them on.

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