Saturday, March 08, 2008

PBS Kids' SuperWhy and the Super Readers

Ok, my Z loves books, Dora, her toy Rabbit and SuperWhy! My husband loves books and so do I, I guess that is why we have books in various baskets, bookshelves, under desks and in stacks around the house.

I also grew up on the original educational kids station, PBS; in the classic tradition of Seasame Street comes the new kid on the block, SuperWhy. SuperWhy! is an adorable 30 minute cartoon that encourages kids to solve problems by "finding their super story answer", spell, read, all while learning to be a good friend. There are four friends that travel in and out of books in Storybook Village learning lessons and how to spell along the way.

My daughter loves getting to go on a Reading Adventure and ends up singing her ABC's. I have to admit that I like it too and find myself singing along.

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