Monday, March 24, 2008

Lust List: ToyWatch's Rose Gold Collection

Every girl has a lust list, a list of beautiful wants, pleasures you might say, that bring a smile to her lips with the just a mere thought. I usually keep my list private, with occasional hints dropped to my hubby, but this time, I thought I would share.

Right now on my list is ToyWatch's Rose Gold Collection, particular the Rose Gold White, though the Rose Gold Brown and the Mother of Pearl Chrono Pink would make lovely additions to my wrist wardrobe as well. I love the Rose Gold bezel, the crisp, clean look of the watch, not too fussy in a cool brown and black color scheme.

It's temporarily out of stock, so for now, this one must stay on the lust list. Ummm, yummy. To see my other faves from ToyWatch, visit ToyWatch.