Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect: "We're not perfect, we're parents"

We are always looking for new resources and recently Capitol Moms was introduced to a new one -- ParentsConnect.com

So I joined and did some searching and found lots of great information and some rockin' giveaways. I love the crafts, Baby section, current Black History celebration and the spotlight on activities. ParentsConnect is a fast growing, parenting community that focuses on parents with kids of all ages, in utero and beyond. Here you can find:

· The 25th Hour Contest-a chance to win $5,000 worth of prizing (ending on Feb. 29th)(which I just entered -- Hope I, or you win)

· GoCityKids.com- the premier authority on local kid and family activities
(great links for the DC area!!)
· New daily content, downloads, Celebrity Q & A’s, scrap booking and more

Join me at www.parentsconnect.com

Monday, February 25, 2008

Good eating --- fast with Nigella Express

I am a foodie. Cooking is one of my more pleasurable hobbies; not saying that I make dinner every night, but it's close. I love days of slow baking and the delicious smell of bread or cookies baking in the oven, but with my busy life these days -- there just isn't that kind of time, that's why I love Nigella Lawson's Nigella Express.

Nigella Express is the accompanying book to the hit Food Network Show. The gist is think Good Food Fast. I've had the book for about a month now and have tried many of the recipes to much success -- my favorite is the Banana Butterscotch Muffins, which I sub Dark Chocolate Chips for and I add a handful of raw oats to up the health quotient...

Seriously yummy with minimal effort and universally liked around my household, just what this busy mommy likes.

Shop at www.nigella.com or click this link to Amazon.

Picture taken from Amazon.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Free Shipping, $5 off ... Diapers, Bottles and Formula... oh, my at Diapers.com

Free shipping for orders over $50, exactly what I'm looking for and great prices... all offered at Diapers.com

So, I brought home a preemie. He was a beautiful 2lb. 6oz baby boy; we stayed in the NICU for a month and a day, and now,at just over 2 months, we are all at home and he is a even more handsome 6lbs. 11oz. with alot of stuff, just like with his sister, he needs alot of stuff, but some of it is a little hard to find and I have an affliction -- I can't seem to leave Target with just what I meant to get, other things start calling my name and that's where www.diapers.com comes in.

I thought it would just be diapers, which they do have, even carrying size Preemie, at prices comparable to Target and Walmart, but they also carry Neosure formula, Poly-vi-sol and those blasted, hard-to-find Soothie pacifers that they use in the NICU. I found everything I was looking for, I placed my order on Friday night and it came on Monday afternoon. How cool is that?

You can try them out at www.diapers.com or by calling 1-800-DIAPERS. If it is your first order, you can receive $5 off AND FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more, by using the referral code CAPMOMS.

momAgenda on Sale

Ok, did I mention that I love planners. My love-affair with dayplanners started back in my days of working on the Hill. It grew while when I left to teach high school and now with the arrival of my 2 little ones, particularly my preemie, it has become even more important.

I write everything from doodles to doctor visits to hopefully planned hot date nights in the confines of my planner that I don't leave the house without. One of my favorites is momAgenda by Nina Resteri.

I find myself feeling a little more stylish and slightly pampered when I open my momAgenda. I also love that there is space for everyone in my household, me, Hubby, Z and Sol. Our schedules are beautifully laid out, side by side. There is also great space for contacts, resources and daydream planning.

You can grab yourself a momAgenda for up to 50% off at www.momagenda.com

Thursday, February 07, 2008

EVENT: District Sample Sale, Tuesday, March 4, 2008, 6:30pm-9:30pm

Oooh, Sample Sale. Who doesn't love great clothes, cocktails and proceeds that go to a great charity like Martha's Table? Sounds like a plan to me and a great excuse to for a Mommy Time Out.

Starting today at 10:00am tickets go on sale for this year's District Sample Sale. It will be held on March 4, 2008 at The Galleria at Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC.

Some of the boutiques participating include Daisy Too!, (one of my personal faves) The Proper Topper, Muleh and Wink!.

For one of DC's hottest tickets, click http://www.districtsamplesale.com/tickets.html Also, note there will be no tickets on sale at the door and tickets go fast.

Happy Shopping.
Source: DC Scout