Monday, July 31, 2006

Kindess is ....

This weekend, my family did something a little different than our normal Sunday routine. We attended a different church, ate at a brand-new resturaunt and went on a all together new adventure, half-way hoping to find something different than we saw every other Sunday. After church, we saw this man. His eyes shone with happiness even though his dress showed he had seen better days. He took a moment to greet us with a smile and a kind word. It did more for my day than most other events.

What I found is that goodwill is all around and sometimes the most unexpected circumstances test what we're made of and eventually bring even greater joy into your life.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Feed your movie hankering

Reel Moms is a fabulous idea. Z and I will be taking in this treat. Several area AMC Theatres are participating in the event. Once or twice a month, first run movies, like The Ant Bully, Click and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, are shown specially for Moms and Dads with infants. Admission is regular price for adults and doors open a few minutes early for socializing and getting situated time. Check the local times out at

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Capitol Moms launch party coming soon!!!!

Stay tuned for Capitol Moms - Mom's Night Out Launch Party News

Maternity Clothes for women who love clothes

Isabella Oliver. It sounds like a pretty baby girl, right? But it's more than that. It is a line of beautiful clothes in quality fabrics. It almost makes you long for that baby belly again ... almost. Check them out at

Sunday, July 23, 2006

To Nurse or Not to Nurse....

In this month's BabyTalk Magazine, , there is an interesting article about breastfeeding. It discusses the reasons why mothers don't breastfeed longer and interesting statistics that might be fascinating reading for other mothers (and people in general).

In my case, I have been blessed to have support for this gift in my home and social circles, but other moms aren't so lucky. Below are some tools that I have found helpful in my quest to successfully nurse my daughter.

1. A great comfortable nursing bra. The anytime bralet from Bella Materna is my bra of choice. It is comfy, quick drying and fabulous.

2. An easy breast pump. I use the manual pump from Medela. It is easy to use, highly portable and easy to clean.

3. A great coverup. I use a luscious teal blue paisley silk poncho that I got from Mimi Maternity. I know after you have the baby, you want nothing to do with maternity clothes, but this is an awesome piece that works while pregnant, into transition and after.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

FREE EVENT: Usborne Story Time and Trunk Show on July 22 10am -1pm

Cosmo Tots at Clarendon presents Usborne Books Story Time and Trunk Show on Saturday, July 22, 2006.

"Usborne Books is an award-winning British publisher that produces non-fiction books" that inspire children to love reading and other cultural arts.

For more information, contact Juliette at Cosmo-Tots, 2729 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, 703-812-8687.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

FREE EVENT: Baby Signs on July 22

Bailey's Crossroads Babies "R" Us presents Baby Signs with Laura on Saturday, July 22 from 1pm-2pm. It is a free introductory class for children.

For more information contact: Babies "R" Us - Falls Church, 5700 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, 703-575-9542

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kiddie tables at a great price

The other day Z and I made a trip to the mega-giant IKEA. It was a daunting experience that I was kind of avoiding, but I was pleasantly suprised. It was so much fun!

Even though there were a truckload or three of people there (we went on Saturday morning), it was a great experience. There is a baby room with comfy chairs for nursing, a light with dimmer, a changing table, a little table for other little ones that might be just plain running out of steam and even diapers, in case you forget. There is also an impressive snack bar that serves everything from Swedish meatballs to poached salmom with asparagus and new potatoes and little jars of baby food.

While we were there I found some of the most adorable European inspired little things including this children's bedside table that is pictured above. It is part of the Mammut collection and retails for $24.99, comes in red and blue and has matching chairs that retail for $14.99 each.

Spreading Post Day 1

Yesterday's exercise in spreading the love went well. It was a hot day here in Washington and we went out to Alexandria to do a little shopping in the heat. Needless to say, the adventure was short lived. We also took the time to spread the love to five people and I have to admit. It made our day go better and the smiles that we were given made the heat seem not so bad.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Spread the Love

Have you seen the insurance commercial where people do little things that make another person's day better? One man hands a girl her doll, another lets a man in to the busy traffic ahead of him -- each character does some a little something to spread the love and puts a little extra goodness into the world.

I have made a pact with myself to try a little experiment and actively this week attempt to spread the love and give a little good in five ways each day for the next seven days.

In addition to the regular Capitol Moms entries, there will also be a report of my daily progress. Also, I challenge each and every person that reads this blog to take this challenge along with me.

Happy spreadin' the love adventures -

Mama T

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Handy Crafts

Lately through all the rain and humid heat, time indoors has become a luxurious necessity. One craft that we have started is a hand print album. Each month we trace our hands and take a picture to place side by side in a hand made album. Then each print can be decorated with stickers, sparkleys and other bright goodies. It makes for a neat keepsake and can easily be turned into cards and other gifts in the time it takes for the glue to dry.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Carters Baby at Bailey's Crossroads

Today I found an unexpected treat while hunting for deals in Bailey's Crossroads. Deals out the wazoo at the Carters baby and childwear store near La Madeline! There are wonderful finds at $5, $7 and $10. Fabulously easy tagless summer dressing for the price of a Starbucks Coffee and a muffin, all I have to say is bring on the sales. Check out their site, , to find a store near you or to shop at on-line. Be sure to join their celebration club for coupons and other treats.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Traveling by train sounds like a novel idea made romantic by the classic movie White Christmas, but it is really a relaxing, fabulously modern way to travel with an infant. Here I'll list the four tips that made our trip go more smoothly.

1. Think light. Don't pack the fridge, just the necessary goodies.
2. Take snacks. While there is a snack car, it may be way at the other end of the train.
3. Take a sweater, blanket for baby and reading material. Freezing while bored is no fun.
4. Enjoy the view. Train travel is a scenic way to travel why not enjoy the sights.

Also, another bonus is children under two travel free on Amtrak trains and older children can travel at reduced rates.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Perks of Motherhood...

As the Capitol Moms Launch party is in the planning stages, I was sitting and thinking of the perks of motherhood, aside from the sweet pleasure of having your baby look up at you with a giddy, gummy smile. What are some of the products, trends, events, pleasures and treats that you enjoy more as a mother than you did before, in your pre-baby life? What would you take pleasure in, if it were offered?

As they come to mind, we'll post and find a way to incorporate it into the Launch party mix. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post or email us at

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day

Here's wishing all of you a year full of freedom, happiness, pleasure and celebration.

--- Capitol Moms