Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 Minutes with Playhouse Disney's Imagination Movers and CD Giveaway

On a bright, crisp Easter Monday morning, Capitol Moms spent a few minutes chatting with the funny and quite cool guys, Scott, Dave, Smitty and former Silver Spring local, Rich from the Imagination Movers, the world's first alternative rock band for pre-schoolers, currently playing on Playhouse Disney.

How'd y'all get started? Well, we've been together in one way or another for the last decade. A couple of us went to high school together, our wives are friends, between the 4 of us there are 8 kids, though most of them belong to Rich. We came up with the idea after Captain Kangeroo and the like left this world -- we realized that all the programming for kids were cartoons. We wanted to do something fun, that got kids up and moving we started there.

Has it been a smooth road thus far? It's been a long road. After we came up with the idea and some of the music, we played local sites and pitched the idea for a short show to Louisiana Public Broadcasting -- they loved it but couldn't sponsor to a new show and the people from Disney came out to come have a listen. It was a good match, but then Hurricane Katrina hit and our lives turned upside down. Three of us were standing in line for food stamps and trying to re-create our lives. It was nuts, but Disney came back around and the Writer's Strike hit and now we are wrapping up shooting new shows for the fall.

Oh cool a new show for the Fall, what else is coming up for the Imagination Movers? We've got a new CD - Juice Box Heroes (we've been listening to it for a few days now and it has all your favorites from Playhouse Disney including my Z's favorite Farm)

How do y'all balance band life and fatherhood?
We are Daddies and Husbands first then a band -- but after being around these guys for so long -- they are family too. You learn alot about each other, but it works. Dave notes that it helps to make sure to spend time with your kids, either playing outside, singing together,

I love it and to wrap things up, what are some of the products that y'all love to use with your kids?
Rich, a proud papa of 4 with one more on the way, loves his Baby Bjorn and swears by the Pack'N'Play. Dave has older kids, right now, they make their Wii, a family sport - racing to the finish line, and Scott says Boudreaux's Butt Paste (we swear by this one in our house too!)is the best.

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To hear samples and watch videos of the their family favorites, click here