Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Five Minutes with Rock'N'Tot co-founder Liz Weirshousky

Capitol Moms sat down with Bethesda mom and Rock'N'Tot co-founder Liz Weirshousky to get the scoop on the latest hit tot dance party to come to Washington, DC and to chat about how she balances work, motherhood and some of her momma faves.

So give us the scoop on Rock'N'Tot, what was your inspiration? Well there are lots of family dance parties around the country, but looked into them and decided that we wanted to do something a little different and do it our way. We made some awesome connections. We wanted to highlight the hard working, motivated parent-owned companies and give them a place to shine. With RNT, we can do just that.

What is your absolute favorite thing about RNT? Watching my daughter dance and the giveaways - (At this weekend's event, there will be over 50)

How do you balance work and motherhood? I make sure that I have special time with my daughter. I do the nightly bath, we use it as a time, to sing and laugh, dance and bond in a great way. I bring my daughter along as often as possible -- she even helped with the club scouting with us.

What are your three favorite products: Dwink boxes - drink box holders that prevent the "squeeze", Chapstick -- it entertains her time and time again, my NapPak - a great pillow rollpack.

Your top tip for New Mommas: "Follow your gut." You know your baby, listen to advice, but trust your own instincts.

The next event is on Saturday, March 22 at Ultra Bar, 911 F Street, NW and tickets for all walkers are $15.