Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Diaper Baggies: Controling the Funk One Diaper at a time

Through our search for fabulous mom-prenuers, Capitol Moms came to meet one fabulous Tasha Collier of Diaper Baggies. She has come up with this oh-so-needed funk controlling idea, a stinky diaper bag with a zip top and opague color that really controls the terrific odor that little ones can cook up while disguising the contents.

And after about a week of using them, I can say that they really work! They can control the funk that my Huggies size 4 Z can cook up (who knew that little turds could stink so much) and look cute while doing it.

Try them out, you can order a free sample of Diaper Baggies at and full-size packs of 40 at

Thursday, January 25, 2007

momAgenda: Planners for the Busy Mommy

Today something fabulous came in the mail, a beautiful, fushia pink day planner. When I opened the package, I squealed with delight. My hubby looked at it and just grinned.

It is cute, feminine and practical. It's covered in this really delicious stain resistant fabric in colors that you just don't find everywhere. It is a momAgenda, a planner designed just for the busy mommies of the world, just like us.

There are places to jot notes to yourself, planning playdates, supper, and all the other little things that pop up in your universe. There are addresses to fun websites, the numbers to the major airlines (something that I am always looking for at the most in-opportune times), and a re-fillable section called MomEssentials where you can put phone numbers, addresses and important dates, like your best friend's new baby's birthday.

It's just pretty enough that I will want to use it everyday. For more products, to see who else loves their momAgenda like Felicity Huffman and Real Simple Magazine and to get exclusive deals and promotions, check out their site at

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Livie and Luca: Stepping in Style

Recently Capitol Moms was contacted by a fellow local mom-prenuer. She is Amie Garcia of Livie and Luca, a shoe company specializing in European style footwear for kiddies. They are housed here in Arlington and Z and I went to the site to see what the buzz is all about...what we found was simply adorable. "Adorable shoes for adorable feet" really fits. Great colors, simple, fun styling and a user-friendly site.

The sweet pair pictured to the right are Emma's red tassles, seemed to catch my Z's curious eye. There are about twelve different styles, everything from a fabulous little Brown Elephant to a cute Viva Futbol in tan or red, and they come in sizes 3.5 to 10. So you are sure to find pair to fit your little one.

There are several ways to order: online at, by phone, 1-800 LIV.LUCA or by hosting a shoe party. Check the site for more details.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Little treats from Shoebox Ovens

The other day through Daily Candy, we discovered a wonderful little bakery, Shoebox Ovens, "a very merry little bakery" here in Arlington. The bakery is run by the fabulous Krishna and they specialize in unique, baked-to-order goodies that you just will not anywhere else.

I ordered the Canales. They remind me of little, bite-sized creme brulees that you don't need a spoon for. The burnt sugar crust and creamy middle... yum!!! And my food lovin' hubby agreed. Seriously addictive.

Check out her site, It's beautiful, the only way to order, the pictures are lovely and accurate. The goodies look just as good when they arrive to you as they do in the picture.