Friday, August 10, 2007

BBB- BusyBodyBook Organizer - a Treasure for Modern Mommies

Recently, I was introduced to a new organizer. I admit, I have seen and used my fair share of planner, but always find myself using envelopes, slips of scrap paper and other random things to keep myself organized. This one rocks.

It is made by About Your Time, LLC. It fits in my purse (huge feat!) There are pockets in the front and back to store bills, receipts and other random bits of goodness like my one-year old's attempts at drawing. There are tear-away "To-Do" Lists, places for notes and important phone numbers and spots designed for Doodles and random tidbits to yourself, which I love and find myself doing all the time. But the part, I really like, and use the most, is the grid where I can place all of our schedules on one page.

What can I say, you should try it out for yourself at and test out the trial pages online, I'm sure that you will love it as I have come to.

The United States Postal Museum Volunteer Opportunities -apply by September 1.

Thanks to Jeffrey at the National Postal Museum, a hidden gem for DC, for the tip.

Do you have an interest in American history, storytelling, or philately?
Do enjoy working with children?
If so, consider becoming a student tour guide or a museum interpreter

Student Tour Guides:
· Lead scripted school tours during weekday mornings
· Tour with specific grades and ages, pre-K & elementary
· Read stories, build stamp collections and teach American history in the museum’s exhibits

Museum Interpreters
· Lead museum tours · Have engaging conversations with visitors
· Learn & share fun facts & stories about the mail · Promote letter writing & reading
· Practice public speaking
Contact the National Postal Museum at 202-633-5535 for details.

Benefits Include:
· Positive Community Involvement (It’s tax deductible too!) · 20% discounts in all Smithsonian Gift Stores · 10% discount in most Smithsonian Cafeterias

America’s history is in the Mail!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Did you know that Ann Taylor Loft does Maternity?

Thanks to Peri with Metro Baby Slings for the fabulous tip.

I checked out the site today and how fun is that, especially since I am just getting to the stage where I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy staples. I find that a line that I normally dig is doing maternity wear. They do not have a very large selection, but they do have a nice range of staples, which Ann Taylor does beautifully.

Check them out at

About Well Woman Check-Ups and Pap Smears

Ladies, we are short-changing ourselves. We deserve better. Our children deserve better, and so do our loved ones. I know it is not a pleasant subject, the idea of stirrups and all, but it something that must be discussed and I promised myself that I would spread the word about Pap Smears as a part of your yearly Well Woman Check-Up.

What is a PAP SMEAR?
A pap smear is a test that checks the cells on the cervix, the opening of the uterus, for changes which could lead to cancer.

Why is a Pap Smear so IMPORTANT?
Some women who have cervical cancer may not have any symptoms, and regular pap smears can detect changes in the cervix and enable prevention and early treatment.

How often should I get a Pap Smear?
For most women, yearly is fine, but talk to your doctor about your individual situation.

Are these tests expensive?
Yearly pap smears are covered by most insurance carriers 100% or for the cost of your co-pay, but there are other options such as your county health clinic and your local Planned Parenthood offers routine women's health screenings and related services at an income-sensitive rate or sometimes even free for uninsured women.

Need a women's health and anatomy tutorial?
You know, it's been a long time since high school health and all the technical jargon sometimes makes things more complicated. See the link attached for a quick tutorial and a means to arm yourself with information,