Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Sweet Valentine Download from Sarah Drake

Oh, what a sweet way to make a valentine. Why don't you print this free download and let the kiddies decorate it and give it your partner?

Or you could decorate it with sweet nothings and wishes for you and yours?

Either way, it's adorable, free and easy. Three of our favorite things.

To download the above card, just visit

Read Inauguration Letter by CM founder at

For so many, Inauguration was such a memorable historic event. Capitol Moms founder Teia Collier spent the day with millions at the National Mall sharing this moment in history.

When she came back she wrote a letter to her children about her experience and the people she met. Read her letter at TodaysMama. while you are there check out the DCMama page for listings and news from the area.