Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busytown at Imagination Stage starts today, Sept. 27

UPDATE: We took Zenora and Sollie to go see this show on Sunday afternoon and it was adorable. There was the sounds of little giggles and smiles from the audience and an adorable set. I have to say it's an amazing show that keeps my 2 year old's attention. As an educator and mom, I love the literacy encouraging elements of the show as well as the catchy songs and age appropriate content. It's an excellent show! Catch it before it goes.

Thankfully, my little girl is a reader (well-pre-reader) and my little boy is a book-eater, but I am confident that it will turn into a love of reading and one of their favorites are the Richard Scarry books featuring Busytown.

The super-fabulous folks at Imagination Stage, known for great children's theater, have created a special show for those aged 2 and up. Here's a short blurb about the show.

Big day today!” is how the characters greet each other in Busytown, Richard Scarry’s vividly drawn world. As the day unfolds, Grocer Cat, Stitches the Tailor, and Alfalfa the Farmer tell of their jobs in silly songs and scenes. One catchy number explores vehicles from the Broom O’Cycle to the Pickle Car, another, sung by Able Charlie Baker, describes goodies from donuts to biscotti, and there’s even a sea shanty from Captain Salty. Young children love to see their favorite animal characters brought to life while older siblings enjoy this tuneful trip down memory lane!
Enjoyed by all ages!

It runs today through November 2.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear readers...

Thank you for your patience and continued support in our extended break. We took some much needed rest and recharge time.

Now we are up and running again... like the busy, multi-taskers that we are. We look forward to launching our new format in the upcoming weeks as we strive to bring the best and the brightest to your in-box and door-step.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kids Busy Box: Hours of Fun

Let me tell you about a fabulous product created by local Rockville mamas that I love for my Zenora, The Kids Busy Box - Deluxe Edition. It is a craft box with instructions and everything (and I mean everything) that your little artist needs to be able to create fun stuff.

The first thing we made was the little royalty crown. It occupied my daughter for 45 minutes as she put little stars on a crown and watched the glue dry. It was crazy easy and a very precious gift to a busy mama -- time. We laughed, took pics and watched her talk about colors and shapes while building another great memory.

I recommend that every house have at least one of these kits; it's a lifesafer and a great present for grampies and nanas too.

Happy crafting. To get yours visit,