Sunday, June 14, 2009

Away We Go: A Road Trip with a Heart and a Soul

In a nutshell: A young couple with a baby-on-way sets off on a air and road trip to find where they will call home. After jaunting from place to place with adventures and some hilarious friends and family, the couple finds a place to belong.

I went to the movie, all set not to like it, but open to it, as I am not a SNL fan --long story, way too silly, but enough on that. The first seconds of the movie start with an attempted oral sex-ing, yep, oral sex and the commentary that could be provided on such an event. I was shocked and set to leave, but was intrigued as were the people around me.

But as the minutes wore un-noticeably on, Away We Go wrapped its arms around me like a bear hug and held me (and my attention) to the end. I loved it. Not for kids, but it was sweet and touching. I laughed like I hadn't in a movie for a good while. I was horrified by their hilarious family and friends, rooted for them to succeed and looked forward to seeing where they would settle. Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski were convincing, loveable and endearing. Overall, a good time to be had by most everyone. And from the laughs and sighs in the theatre, I wasn't alone.

Away We Go - earns a A-, good time, fun movie, alittle crass but no bad.
In theatres now.