Friday, April 18, 2008

Sasha B Designs: Little Nursing Luxuries

Recently Capitol Moms stumbled upon a really special company out of Portland, Sasha B Designs. Makers of sweet nursing covers and dreamy soft blankets, Sasha B Designs has found a home here at Capitol Moms.

We tried out the Sage Curly Nursing Cover and the Mint Chocolate Chip Baby Blanket. First thing out of the box, we fell in love with the beautiful presentation, then when we opened the bag out fell two beautiful products. The snap style, curly nursing cover was swiped by my two year old with an "oooh Mommmy" to be claimed as a snuggly. I knew it was a winner when a second reviewer friend commented on its silky, creamy texture as well.

In a variety of colors and in your choice of minky or cotton, you are sure to find a practically, luxurious, hand-crafted favorite at Sasha B Designs.

Also, special for members into the upcoming Capitol Moms Members Connect, launching April 28th, we will be giving away a sweet Sasha B Designs mint chocolate chip blanket -- to enter now and get your first 90 days membership free (a $22.50 value) sign up for the CM newsletter to the right.