Sunday, April 20, 2008

Five minutes with Debbie Jacobson, Baltimore Mama and Producer of What's Next?

Capitol Moms founder, Teia Collier, spent a few minutes chatting with the inspiring and highly-motivated, mama of 4(soon to be 5) Debbie Jacobson, producer of Retirement Living's new lifestyle reality show, What's Next?. With our parents getting older and heading toward this new stage in life and already rolling around in it, I found this interview particularly interesting.

Here are a few highlights:

Tell me about What's Next?
It is inspired and started with my dad. He thought he had it all figured out, a plan laid out and then he abruptly got there. And it was all different. It was like someone changed the rules and he was left answering the question, "How do you spend then rest of your life?" What's Next? is a reality show where we walk with a retiree and help them answer that question for themselves. We cover topics like how navigate the complicated Social Security system to learning how to downsize. Every episode leaves the participant (and viewers) knowing a little more and armed with some tools to make their lives easier.

That's incredible, so you're a producer and a mama of four, soon to be five. How do you balance?
Honestly, sometimes the balance is blind. But it does help that most of kids are in school and you do your best. With a 12, 10, 5, 2 and a new one on the way, I depend on my husband as well. He's awesome and my compliment - he does the things that I don't love like dishes and cooking. But I really love working and want to make it work -- I think that having the desire there is really important.

What's your favorite tips for mamas and moms to be?
Be flexible and have patience. Every day will be different, and that's fine. Also read the cues from your own baby -- know that everyone will have advice and not every chart will apply directly to your baby.

What's Next? airs on Retirement Living on Friday's at 2pm, locally on Comcast Channel 8. They also have a supplement website at with clips and other resources.