Tuesday, February 12, 2008

momAgenda on Sale

Ok, did I mention that I love planners. My love-affair with dayplanners started back in my days of working on the Hill. It grew while when I left to teach high school and now with the arrival of my 2 little ones, particularly my preemie, it has become even more important.

I write everything from doodles to doctor visits to hopefully planned hot date nights in the confines of my planner that I don't leave the house without. One of my favorites is momAgenda by Nina Resteri.

I find myself feeling a little more stylish and slightly pampered when I open my momAgenda. I also love that there is space for everyone in my household, me, Hubby, Z and Sol. Our schedules are beautifully laid out, side by side. There is also great space for contacts, resources and daydream planning.

You can grab yourself a momAgenda for up to 50% off at www.momagenda.com

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