Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Free Shipping, $5 off ... Diapers, Bottles and Formula... oh, my at Diapers.com

Free shipping for orders over $50, exactly what I'm looking for and great prices... all offered at Diapers.com

So, I brought home a preemie. He was a beautiful 2lb. 6oz baby boy; we stayed in the NICU for a month and a day, and now,at just over 2 months, we are all at home and he is a even more handsome 6lbs. 11oz. with alot of stuff, just like with his sister, he needs alot of stuff, but some of it is a little hard to find and I have an affliction -- I can't seem to leave Target with just what I meant to get, other things start calling my name and that's where www.diapers.com comes in.

I thought it would just be diapers, which they do have, even carrying size Preemie, at prices comparable to Target and Walmart, but they also carry Neosure formula, Poly-vi-sol and those blasted, hard-to-find Soothie pacifers that they use in the NICU. I found everything I was looking for, I placed my order on Friday night and it came on Monday afternoon. How cool is that?

You can try them out at www.diapers.com or by calling 1-800-DIAPERS. If it is your first order, you can receive $5 off AND FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more, by using the referral code CAPMOMS.