Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In our Holiday Stash: Baby Gifts from Baby Emi Jewelry

So, I know it's a little late or a little early, depending on which type of holiday shopper you are. I am the just after Halloween and before Thanksgiving type, but lately with so many friends having babies, myself included, I've had my eye on the baby goodies.

Debbie Savage and our friends at Baby Emi Jewelry have come out with some fabulous finds that I can't help, but lust after and know that will become welcome presents for our friends and family. Zenora and I have a matching set and I love the way the bracelet sparkles on her little wrist -- so cute and so fitting her little budding personality. My personal favorites are the Mommy and Me bracelet sets and the new Cambodian Jingle Bells bracelet, pictured to the right, which causes a pleasant jingling sound to following the cruisers. As an extra bonus, all the gifts from Baby Emi come beautifully wrapped and ready for presentation.

To see the other products and gifts at Baby Emi Jewelry, visit www.babyemijewelry.com