Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From Cookie Magazine: Nigella on Food and Kids

Ok, I admit it. I adore the Food Network, there is something seriously relaxing to me about listening to recipes and watching delicious ingredients blended together to make something tasty and fabulous. One of my favorite celebrity chefs is Nigella Lawson, the sassy British import with a flair for creating delciously easy recipes that always earn rave reviews.

On Sunday mornings at 10:30am EST, Nigella has a new show on Food Network, aptly titled, Nigella Express as a companion to her new cookbook that speaks to me as a mother with a rapidly increasing schedule to go with my growing bump. In this month's Cookie, Nigella talks about raising babies, a career and healthy eating habits.

My favorite line from the article is "There is no point in making something fast if it doesn't taste good." and I absolutely agree.

To view the article, click here
To order her new book, Nigella Express from Food Network, click here.