Thursday, October 02, 2008

CM Reads Review: City Walks with Kids DC - Enjoy the city like a tourist, only better.

We were looking for something fun and cheap to do with our kids, without leaving the city and without a lot of planning.... enter City Walks with Kids DC, a glove box keeper. City Walks actually makes it easy to pick a card, pack a diaper back and just go.

City Walks with Kids DC by Ingrid Roper Catron is a keeper for our family. It's a day trip in a box, well actually about 50 kid-friendly day trips with maps in a box. Each card is chock full of information for an easy family outing: 4 to 5 stops, touristy and local haunts alike plus a fun place for a treat and little snippets of trivia to make the trip lively. Our favorite component is the tri-fold map that connects all the trips together and prevents our favorite habit of getting lost in a city that we love.

It's a must for new families in the area or natives that have never been around to see the sites.

Available for $14.95 at www.Chronicle