Thursday, January 25, 2007

momAgenda: Planners for the Busy Mommy

Today something fabulous came in the mail, a beautiful, fushia pink day planner. When I opened the package, I squealed with delight. My hubby looked at it and just grinned.

It is cute, feminine and practical. It's covered in this really delicious stain resistant fabric in colors that you just don't find everywhere. It is a momAgenda, a planner designed just for the busy mommies of the world, just like us.

There are places to jot notes to yourself, planning playdates, supper, and all the other little things that pop up in your universe. There are addresses to fun websites, the numbers to the major airlines (something that I am always looking for at the most in-opportune times), and a re-fillable section called MomEssentials where you can put phone numbers, addresses and important dates, like your best friend's new baby's birthday.

It's just pretty enough that I will want to use it everyday. For more products, to see who else loves their momAgenda like Felicity Huffman and Real Simple Magazine and to get exclusive deals and promotions, check out their site at

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