Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Diaper Baggies: Controling the Funk One Diaper at a time

Through our search for fabulous mom-prenuers, Capitol Moms came to meet one fabulous Tasha Collier of Diaper Baggies. She has come up with this oh-so-needed funk controlling idea, a stinky diaper bag with a zip top and opague color that really controls the terrific odor that little ones can cook up while disguising the contents.

And after about a week of using them, I can say that they really work! They can control the funk that my Huggies size 4 Z can cook up (who knew that little turds could stink so much) and look cute while doing it.

Try them out, you can order a free sample of Diaper Baggies at and full-size packs of 40 at

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