Thursday, August 17, 2006

Saucy, saucy and bit of inner sexy too

As a still nursing new mom, sometimes its a little easy (probably easier than I like to admit) to feel a little less than fabulous and more like a walking milk machine. You know that semi-frumpy feeling.

I was needing a little spice, a dash of sass and more than a little touch with my inner kitten. Some where between wife and mother and all around supermom, I had lost some of that pizzazz that I was known for. Then I saw it at Barnes and Noble, Sheila Kelley's The S Factor, Strip Workouts for Every Woman. It seemed a little naughty, a bit impractical, a little racy, and just like what I was looking for. Something just for me, something sexy and something personal.

I have been doing the workouts, minus the pole work in the safety of my own living room for about a month and half now and I have seen a difference. I'm not real consistent with my workout length, sometimes its fifteen minutes, and other times, I have the luxury of a full thirty minutes. But it works. And I would recommend it to anyone looking for a little sass and a little saucy break in a day filled with naps and rice cereal.

Check out their site, It is full of tips, encouragement, and makes for a little extra fun. You can also purchase the book on site too. Because at the heart of every mother is a woman in need of a little personal pleasure.

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