Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Great Diaper Challenge

Okay Moms, I'm on a quest for the best diaper in America. Right now, we are on size 4 Luvs. They are relatively cute, thin (which is nice for the summer - not so much super sweaty butt), have a nice Blue's Clues motif, a blue leakproof core that really works, fit nicely around her little chubby thighs and are reasonably priced. $10.99 at Target. They have a "Love them or your money back" guarentee.

They have survived the stinky poop, kept the poop from coming up the back and even worked pretty nicely under clothes. The only complaint is that the tabs stick. They are kind of hard to get pulled out and fastened to the cloth-like tab holder.

But I would still say that in the whole grand scheme of diapers, they are minor super-stars in our book.

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