Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Backstage at the UniverSoul Circus: A Circus with a Hip-Hop Heart and a Soul Beat

I have to admit I hadn't been to the circus in at least 20 years. I was a small girl running around fascinated and slightly afraid of the elephants and wondering if the tigers in the cage were afraid. But when I heard about the UniverSoul Circus that is currently playing (until May 31st) at Capital Plaza Mall in Landover Hills, Maryland, I was curious.

As a mom of kids that love animals, I thought this would be a perfect event for my kids and it was, but it was even more fun for me. We went on a rainy night last weekend. We met some fantastic, amazing folks from all over the world, China, Trindad, Tobago, the Dominican Republic and Ghana.

We were amazed by little white tigers, a troupe of acrobats that twirled, swirled and balanced. It was fantastic, but the part that got me most was the vibe. The air was electric with energy and the scent of funnel cake and popcorn. The show moved quickly with the easy transitions, eye catching displays, elephant riding and the "Madea"-inspired Mistress of Ceremonies. My 3 year old had never seen anything like it and has been talking it about it ever since, particularly the Bird Man (a dancer in Carnival dress with amazing white wings) and the "Wimbo Wadies" (the Limbo Ladies) that danced below the flames in sparkling Carnival garb.

Good times were had by all. Thanks to the UniverSoul Team and Kristin Parker.

Details: We went to a show that started around 7:30pm. Think and plan ahead, as no strollers are allowed under the big top and the show lasts around 3 hours. There are most often 2 shows per day and is running in DC from May 14, 2009 - May 31, 2009.

Tickets and more information available at www.UniverSoulCircus.com

Pictures coming soon....