Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Date Night - Arlington: Cassatt's Kiwi Cafe and Gallery

Wednesday was date night for us. A whole night without the babies, a perfect night for laid-back leisurely eating and adult conversation.

Since we live in Arlington, we were looking to eat somewhere near by and Cassatt's came to mind. We got there around 6:30pm. The seating area was quiet, but the smells of roast chicken and something luscious met us at the door.

I found the Early Kiwi Menu, a three course dinner with a variety of options for $18.95, a great treat for me and Dear Hubby chose to go a different route, with New Zealand Mussels on corn and black beans and the dreamy Lamb Pie. I choose the Warm Beet Salad, a tasty blend of sweet, burgundy roasted beets with toasted walnuts and a creamy, tart goat cheese on blend of organic greens dressed with a mild molasses dressing. It was delicious and whet my appetite for more.

I was torn between the roast lamb and the pan-roasted chicken breast, after watching a happy diner receive the chicken. I followed in suite and loved every bite. My chicken was perfectly cooked, still moist and flavorful in a creamy pesto cream sauce with sauteed mushrooms and sweet red peppers. Afterwards, while contemplating the last time we went to dinner minus kids, it was time to drift into dessert and were happily greeted with a volumputous slice of Pavlova, an airy, mildly sweet merienge, decorated with surprisingly berries, kiwi and creamy whipped cream.

Ah, a sigh still escapes me at the thought of the Pavlova. What I love about Cassatt's is nice. Nice enough to go on a date night, but not so much that lingering is discouraged. Kids are welcome, but the restauraunt is not a playground. And the meal was fabulous and reasonably priced, I dare say a good deal for all that we enjoyed.

It was a treat on all grounds covered. I have to say that we'll be back in the near future, maybe even to try the Brunch of Ricotta Pancakes and coffee.

To visit or learn more about Cassatt's Kiwi Cafe, visit http://www.cassattscafe.com/

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