Tuesday, July 01, 2008

CM Reads: Jude Deveraux's Return to Summerhouse

I am a reader, always have, probably always will be, and when it gets hot outside, I love to curl up under the ceiling fan and read. Now that I have little ones, nap time is a time to squeeze in a few pages between laundry, blog posts and dinner prep.

One of my latest reads is Jude Deveraux's Return to Summerhouse, available in our Amazon Store and at local booksellers nationwide.

This is the story of three women, Amy, Zoe and Faith, unexpected friends in need of healing, that come together with the help of Madame Zoya to step back in time to undo a tragedy of the past. The journey to the 18th century teaches them about love, healing, friendship and the power of choices.

Return to Summerhouse was a fast, satisfying read that tugged my heartstrings that made me smile in the end.