Thursday, June 26, 2008

"DaBib" is da bomb! - "A Bib that has got your baby covered"

With an adjustable, scrunchy neck, waterproof backing, crumb catcher pocket and absorbent fabrics in a generous size, I'm calling DaBib one of my favorites.

Capitol Moms recently tested 2 of our new favorite bibs. They survived both a hungry 2 year old with spaghetti sauce wearing a pale pink dress (any one that has ever been there knows the insanity of that) and a juicy, juicy teething infant. Both children's church clothes still looked like church clothes without any tugging and pulling. I rocked and Hubby approved.

I know why Daily Candy and others are shouting the DaBib's praises. To get one of your own, visit, enter code MOM2008 at checkout for 10% off.