Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something to Swaddle Me In: Baby Star and Petunia Pickle Bottom

Here at Capitol Moms, we are big fans of swaddling. Not only does it help baby feel all nice and snuggly, but I seen a good swaddle soothe, calm and help a baby rest better and what mom doesn't love that.

Here are a couple of our favorite swaddling blankets:

Baby Star's Star Swaddler is an environmentally-friendly luxurious, plush blanket that is lightweight, in great colors like lavender, chocolate, yellow and celery green, in fun combinations with an adorable star that will make this a blanket a favorite for years to come.

On sale now, $33 at

Petunia Pickle Bottom's Swaddling Blankets Gift Set is a must-give, if only for its' long-enough-to-wrap-baby-in size. The soft, stretchy, 100% organic cotton in gentle patterns that are sure to please, make it an everyday go-to favorite. Check out the coordinating organic onesies -- equally fabulous favorites.

Available on-line at and