Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Z is reading now: Good Night Washington, DC

"Goodnight, Washington, DC. Night, night book. Goodnight, Lovely." is part of our nightly routine now. My daughter found this great little book at Olsson's near Dupont a few weeks ago and it has been come part of our routine.

We read and she loves the pictures of the monuments and the cherry blossoms and a really cute one of the justices. She loves the pictures of the boats in the Potomac and we use it as a teaching tool when we go out for walks around the Tidal Basin.

What is really neat about the series by Adam Gamble is that they tour the world through books. There is Goodnight Texas, Goodnight Boston and about 30 others with more coming in the upcoming months.

To buy or to view other books in the series, visit their site at: