Friday, August 10, 2007

BBB- BusyBodyBook Organizer - a Treasure for Modern Mommies

Recently, I was introduced to a new organizer. I admit, I have seen and used my fair share of planner, but always find myself using envelopes, slips of scrap paper and other random things to keep myself organized. This one rocks.

It is made by About Your Time, LLC. It fits in my purse (huge feat!) There are pockets in the front and back to store bills, receipts and other random bits of goodness like my one-year old's attempts at drawing. There are tear-away "To-Do" Lists, places for notes and important phone numbers and spots designed for Doodles and random tidbits to yourself, which I love and find myself doing all the time. But the part, I really like, and use the most, is the grid where I can place all of our schedules on one page.

What can I say, you should try it out for yourself at and test out the trial pages online, I'm sure that you will love it as I have come to.