Monday, June 25, 2007

GIVEAWAY: A Woman's Worth - Book with a message -

Recently, I finished reading a wonderful book called A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson, the creator of the inspirational series "Touched by an Angel". The book touched my heart and I know that other women should hear the message that this book speaks of.

It speaks to the fact that our worth as women is not defined by the society that we live in, though it longs to shape our perspective, but rather as our inate quality of being a woman. We are powerful, gentle and strong at the same time. We are mothers, warriors and pioneers... that by the very virtue of being a woman we are gifted with the honor of being co-creators in this world and that we should not take our gifts lightly, but share them with world around us, not like war-lords demanding that men bow down and worship us, but rather with grace and honor, like a queen successfully ruling her domain.

My mother shared this book with me and Capitol Moms will share this book with the first 5 readers that email me at For anyone wanting to purchase this book, it is available at