Friday, March 16, 2007

Couture Invito - Bringing a little life to everyday paper

Ok, I love pictures and stationary, particularly shades of pink, coral and sunny yellows. I think that it is so nice to something beautiful come in the mail that tends to be so blah.

Just recently, we were introduced to Alesa and the fabulous folks at Couture Invito. They specialize in fabulous paper products and unique photo gifts that are lovely and beautifully done. Upon Alesa's recommendation, I ordered the photopads, like the ones to the right. And I have to say that they look even more awesome in person. I used a pic of my family on the boardwalk in Anapolis. It turned out really nice and I use my pad at work. Suprisingly, people notice the papers that you write on and I started getting so many compliments on the note pad.

I think that it will be a wonderful Mother's Day present or a sweet gift to present to a new mommy. And as a special for Mother's Day the photopads are on sale, how cool is that.

Check them out at or click on the photo to the right.