Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pink Bowtique - Glamour for Little Girls

As some might know, my Z has a puff. An adorable near-afro puff of springy black curls and I love to doll her up with ribbons and bows, but I have to admit, some bows have met a tragic fate at the hands of my lovely one-year old. She can cause some serious fabric fraying and can make something about bows just not sit right on the little clippy.

Well we just received some bows from Pink Bowtique and they have survived my Zettle-Z. When the package came in the mail, my hubby opened them up and said, "Oh, these are cute." and that's alot coming from the man that believes pink is a semi-nauseating color. And they are cute, well-made, the ends are heat sealed, so no fraying, and don't fall off the band.

These, headband bows, are on my list of gifts for mommies of little girls.