Sunday, July 23, 2006

To Nurse or Not to Nurse....

In this month's BabyTalk Magazine, , there is an interesting article about breastfeeding. It discusses the reasons why mothers don't breastfeed longer and interesting statistics that might be fascinating reading for other mothers (and people in general).

In my case, I have been blessed to have support for this gift in my home and social circles, but other moms aren't so lucky. Below are some tools that I have found helpful in my quest to successfully nurse my daughter.

1. A great comfortable nursing bra. The anytime bralet from Bella Materna is my bra of choice. It is comfy, quick drying and fabulous.

2. An easy breast pump. I use the manual pump from Medela. It is easy to use, highly portable and easy to clean.

3. A great coverup. I use a luscious teal blue paisley silk poncho that I got from Mimi Maternity. I know after you have the baby, you want nothing to do with maternity clothes, but this is an awesome piece that works while pregnant, into transition and after.

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