Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunny babies

As summer creeps in and the temperature (and here- humidity rises), I'm always on the lookout for cute headgear and beach worthy-wear. For Z, I've found a cute little bucket sun hat with ties at my local Target made by Wee Wave. It is precious. They have several colors and patterns for boys and girls. I chose a bright pink bucket to match her already heavily-pink wardrobe. Now, I'm on the search for another and I think I may have found her next hat at One Step Ahead,
http://www.onestepahead.com/product/86183/441757/117.html. They have lots of colors and sizes. This is the picture from their site.


tAyLoRbEe said...

hEy TeIa wAy tO KeEp pEoPle InForMed YoU KnoW A WaY To GeT peOplE To cOmMent WouLd be To MaKe sOme cArdS AnD haNd tHeM oUt if You HAvent alReAdy !! LoVe YoU
<3 Me

MamaT said...

Very good idea!!! :-)