Thursday, July 05, 2007

Spotlight on Blessence Maternity: Lovin' the Belly

This last couple of weeks, Capitol Moms has been scouting and scouring the internet and local area for new, fun things to feature on the blog and site. In our travels, we ran across a fabulous line of maternity-tees by Blessence Maternity.

These shirts send a powerfully sweet message of love and of blessings for the baby-carrying belly. You can find the adorable line at . I asked founder, Shaelyn Werner a couple of questions about perks and me-time and these are her responses.

What do you consider the perks of motherhood to be? "Motherhood is the most rewarding experience of my life. It brings out the best in me as a person. The best part of being a mom is getting to learn about my children's personalities, habits, likes and dislikes and when they tell you 'I love you' when you were not expecting it. They never cease to amaze me."

How do you spend and define "me-time"? "I cuddle up to my husband on the couch and watch a movie or go get a pedicure while reading a good book. All moms need a time to recharge away from the kids."